The Pretty Monster EP

by Sir Thomas

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released May 30, 2016

All tracks written, produced, and performed by Sir Thomas

Album artwork by: Collins Spaedy



all rights reserved


Sir Thomas Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City hip hop talent, Sir Thomas delivers both in the booth and behind the boards on his forthcoming album
The rapper/producer has crafted a solid set of hypnotic cuts, highlighting a melodic delivery matched by witty and philosophical word play. Sir Thomas' unique baritone cadence compliments the relaxed nature of his trap-influenced production.
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Track Name: Intro
Intro Lyrics

Momentarily caught, in thought, Life puts us in various spots/
It's necessary to watch out for nefarious plots/
In many areas I'm strong, in many areas I'm not/
Crying at the cemetery a lot as we buried my pops/
That pain lasts a lifetime, It just temporarily stops/
And everyday, We all involuntarily rot/
Pretty Monsters are a bit scary and hot/
Wear a mask and adopt any vocabulary they ought/

Honestly, I loss many/
And deep down, that costs plenty/ x2

I'm so lit y'all/
The Pretty Monsters EP is about to hit y'all/ x2
Track Name: Acceptance
Verse 1:

Loss after loss but I felt like you weren't there/
For me to share, my pain and emotional despair/
Perhaps I misinterpret your response to me/
Or was it your motivation to make me feel monsterly?/
But I don't hold grudges, I rather smoke these rolled dutches/
Just so I can escape the world's cold clutches/
Yeah, I found myself doing some wreckless things/
Had to rediscover the validation connections bring/
At the time I didn't know it, I became stoic/
Raised to think men have emotions but can't show it/
All in order to maintain the false facade/
Of a real man, for real I did an awesome job/
A job that required me to be unhealthy/
When I expressed my concerns only some felt me/
But Fuck it, There's no time to waste and shit/
Curb behaviors that sabotage meaningful relationships/

Verse 2:

I author rhymes that plant seeds and water minds/
You can't put a dollar sign on daddy and daughter time/
At this playplace smile on my face as my toddler climbs/
Wondering will I be treated kind by Father Time/
I hope indeed so, please let me see so/
Many years and be here for my daughter as she grows/
Instilling knowledge and wisdom until I leave yo/
I must model the best traits of machismo/
Hit the weed bro and yeah hold it in/
And then, think about all the shit we were told as men/
And sometimes these damn lessons are disguised & clandestine/
I try to keep that in mind when I find myself as a man stressin/
But I can't promise I won't be stand offish in this damn office/
Obviously I'm not perfect who said this man's flawless/
I'm only human not a mutant for your amusement/
My inner student knows it's prudent to be fluent in self improvement/
Track Name: Lovely Night (What's Poppin?)
Lovely Night Lyrics


It's a lovely night and I got my drink/
And I don't a fuuuck what you think/
Bitch I'm gettin drunk smoking my skunk/
That's how a nigga do because I aint no punk/
What's happenin? Besides a nigga rapping/
What's poppin nigga? Where's the action?/
I'm gettin into some shit, Damn I'm so lit/
Come here a bit before a nigga just splits/
Baby I aint the one but we can have fun/
Exchange fuck faces as we cuuumm/
I'm gone, after I roll this blunt/
I'll tell you how it is upfront/
Let's ride or even go outside/
Have some drinks under the moonlight/
I suppose, You already chose/
Becuz you're staring hard at a nigga in his clothes/
Like Damn you can get the dick/
Come here baby you can have yo pick/
Like now, Don't have a cow/
I'm lookin at that ass from the back like "Wow"/
So what's it gonna be? You comin with me?/
Because I'm about to leave/
Track Name: Boundaries
Boundaries lyrics


I won't lie, nowadays I feel alone why/
To say I don't mind that my phone's dry/
Would truly be a blatant lie and a disservice/
To myself, I ask myself Is the risk worth it?/
To show my natural vulnerabilities and get nervous/
Yes because meaningful relations are a big purpose/
Of life, I don't want a wife I think it's worthless/
And even dangerous in this society and this circuit/
Tom, spittin the truth consistent with proof/
Yeah tell us more about narcissistic abuse/
These bitches will do gas lighting that's malicious induced/
Turn everything around and make it vicious to you/
These hypocrites want you to tip toe so they don't flip their shit/
You have to put up healthy boundaries and a picket fence/
To keep crazy at bay and away from the wickedness/
Every chance they get they're quick to play that victim shit/


Get ya armory because your karma be causing you nothing but disharmony/ x2
Track Name: Cultivate
Cultivate Lyrics


Hey there, How are you doing?/
Let's have a real talk human to human/
Men have become progressively ruined/
By the influence of society's grooming/
Receiving messages that men can't be emotional/
While at the same time we're seen as disposable/
It's non negotiable, I need to be more sociable/
In the past I've been told I haven't been approachable/
And maybe I haven't been the easiest to converse with/
I just been drained from these 24 hour work shifts/
I'm going berserk quick that's how my head feels/
Fuck being stuck like chuck on this treadmill/
I gave it maximum effort not no minimum Hun/
Women now have more power that the pendulum swung/
The people fight to obtain their equal rights/
The deceitful write propaganda for the feeble types/
With aims to keep them in a state of upheaval right?/
Been feeling uneasy and need me a peaceful night/
All of this stress makes my brain dissolve/
What do I got to do to maintain resolve?/
It's probable I should probably call an audible/
Becuz it's plausible the situation will get more volatile/
I show no fear even though I'm scared as shit yall/
Got to pick myself up and prepare for pitfalls/
Decrease woes and happily watch the peace grow/
I'm dipped in creased clothes with no time for weak hoes/
Get out of my face hater as I chase paper/
If your aim is to acquire more game come get laced later/
Because right now I'm about to light these joints and incense/
and explore points of interests/
Remember that your purpose is never too late to find/
Some will hate your grind but don't stop tryin to cultivate ya mind/
Track Name: You Nasty
You Nasty Lyrics


"You can always spot a rat chasing niggaz with cheese" x2

Yeah baby, what do you need?/
I'm about to break me down some of this weed/
And get high, so a nigga can fly/
Straight to the sky then I'll try/
To talk, to get you off/
I don't give a fuck if it's ass you toss/
For a living, and I ain't even pimpin/
I'm tryin to holla at some fine ass women/
And say "What's Up" and maybe we can fuck/
But not if you're a rat or a cluck/
She's on fleek, you can tell she's a freak/
Don't have to say a word her body speaks/

Bridge : You nasty and I know I like /
That shit if you ask me, oh yeah you nasty x6

Damn baby you Naaassty, but I like that shit.
You know what, come holla at a playa, that's right.
Track Name: Detachment
Detachment Lyrics

Pretty monsters are beautiful enough to win pageants/
However, they're void of empathy and compassion/
Selfies after selfies with irrelevant captions/
Using their looks to keep ya hooked and distracted/
They'll be laughin knowing your sanity's in fragments/
I had to take action and make myself absent/
It's relaxing to curb her harassments/
Now I can experience the loss with much detachment/
That's it, no reenactments I'm forward shootin/
I've gain acceptance no desire for retribution/
Found resolution in the form of no contact/
Monsters play emotional warfare and combat/
And that's that, yeah you played the guy/
You fucked my mind I got my ducks aligned to say goodbye/
To you, and all of the abuse you did/
I'm gone, so I chucked up my deuces Biiatch!/


"It's a psychological disorder. In which you, you focus or over focus on your own needs while
ignoring, diminishing, or marginalizing the needs of others. Often you act in ways that are
Track Name: Out Of Order
Out Of Order Lyrics

Verse 1:

I want my life back and that's my right to choose/
I might confuse myself but I don't like abuse/
Or the way you tried to get me to fight my dudes/
That would grind my gears and ignite my fuse/
I'm slightly bruised I need to examine myself/
Have I abandoned my health & am I planning for help?/
Get an escape route before she berates shouts/
It's harder with limited resources to break out/
If anyone dealt with this then they felt the risk/
Of developing some sense of learned helplessness/
Am I co-dependent.? I'm so defensive /
Time showed me I don't know yo intentions/
And when I set boundaries you would go resent it/
So staying around just had no incentive/
She's hella bent on destruction and love the smell of it/
This fella vents with intelligence no embellishments/


Am I out of order or somewhat disordered?/
Did I sort of ignore the red flags and scandalous auras/ x2
(auras, auras, auras, auras, auras)

Verse 2:

I would seek counsel from a number of friends/
They would wonder again how she got under my skin/
Beginning to bring my blood to a pure boil/
She's loving it when she causes turmoil/
Instead of trying to raise others and lift names/
She rather play these sick games and shift blame/
Just because you're the architect of your own misery/
Doesn't give you the right to go through my phone's history/
When the conflict is high, she'll strictly try/
To depict this guy as some type of prick and lie/
That doesn't know how to keep his dick inside/
His pants, every chance I get I split and hide/
My patience is through, I vacated she hated it too/
No longer am I feeling obligated to you/
It's true, you even exploited my weaknesses/
These traumatic sequences caused many grievances/


Am I out of order or somewhat disordered?/
Did I sort of ignore the red flags and scandalous auras/ x2
(auras, auras, auras, auras, auras)
Track Name: Pretty Monsters
Pretty Monsters Lyrics

Verse 1:

She's a pretty little monster with savage eyes/
She keeps herself elevated as the baddest prize/
So she can get a baller, not those average guys/
And acquire resources to make her status rise/
Self absorbed too, marry you then divorce you/
Take you to court when you can't afford to/
Now you're in that arena being taken to the cleaner/
By the hyena with a fake clean cut demeanor/
Hot Damn, taken for everything that you got man/
Even the house that was divided and did not stand/
When you finally see she's flawed in her psyche/
The damage would of already been done most likely/
"Fuuuck!" Take a puff and clear the brain/
Pretty Monsters conduct smear campaigns/
Sometimes acting sorry but inside remorseless/
So set boundaries and fortify your fortress/


Fuck being a captain save-a-ho, So what you sayin bro/
I aint trying to conquer or sponsor this monster/ x2

Verse 2:

You say you're in love but some call you a doofus/
Truth is, you make excuses not to do shit/
You rather play it safe and not lose your coolness/
Because that perceived rudeness will kill your smoothness/
At first you made her laugh being on that goof shit/
Now you're on your own path with self imposed aloofness/
Throw up the deuces, the ship sailed and ship sunken/
Relationships with monsters are havoc and dysfunction/
She elicits sympathy as a victim /
To recruit others and create chaos with them/
Constantly corrupting shit in a conniving fashion/
Because premeditation actually drives her actions/
These monsters triangulate and balance their guys/
And take advantage of the fact others don't challenge their lies/
Pretty Monsters want control and the upper hand/
If you don't want to suffer then don't cuff her man/


Fuck being a captain save-a-ho, So what you sayin bro/
I aint trying to conquer or sponsor this monster/ x2
Track Name: This Is It
This Is It Lyrics

"We coming to an end y'all, ya know"


I admit this it, I call it quits/
I'm at my wits end but then again I permit/
More pain when by brain tries to resist/
The truth in the booth my rhymes hit/
When I spit I transmit and shift/
Minds, Find ya gift then uplift/
Be legit, keep ya eyes peeled for the pits/
Before I split, I commit to omit/
The counterfeit that be hiding in my clique/
No time to sit, I'm on my grit chasin chips/
I'm so lit lookin fly in my outfit/
Spitting game to this chick with big tits/
Don't go adrift, emit good vibes quick/
Am I a hypocrite or a bit of a misfit/
Through the mist, I see the risk/
Trying to coexist I'm pissed/
You insist on being a bitch/
Piece of shit, you're unfit so just get/
Gone, Tom don't want no part of this/
Get Get gone

"This is it yes yes this is it/
This is it yes yes this is it/
This is it yes yes this is it/
I'm Gone, I'm Gone" /


"That's a wrap y'all. I'm bout to get up outta here.
Know what I'm sayin?
How y'all luv that? How y'all luuuuuv that?
Know what I'm sayin?
Sir Thomas signing out. Aye but look, Keep it real y'all.
I'm gonna get with y'all. I'm gonna holla at y'all.
Until next time......
I'm Gone."