These Niggaz

from by Sir Thomas

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Verse 1:

Some niggaz are envious and be too sour to toast ya/
So keep your eyes keen when these cowards get closer/
Have a safe distance when you encounter a cobra/
When feelin overwhelmed, discover the power the yoga/
Or even smoke some flower with the louder aroma/
I'll devour the chocha after Happy Hour mimosas/
No hoax bruh, I stay spittin that non-fiction/
I can't be shortsighted but must have long vision/
My mission is to take you on adventures with rapping/
So remember it Captain, I flow with splendor and passion/
No matter what, I can't surrender my laughing/
Or let anybody try to render me sadden/
Some call ya tender just to see ya temper in action/
Will you start kickin ass like Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon/
Probably not though, but still take no shit/
No time for petty muthaphuckas, go make yo grip/


These dudes, These dudes are see through
(I am on my grit, I don't care keep talking shit) x 2

Verse 2:

Some of these niggas, get a rush when they squeeze triggers/
Then try to cop pleads when they see the police figures/
Please consider the following for acknowledging/
The truth could be a hard ass pill for the swallowing/
Some of these niggaz be about that life/
Don't try to downplay others and doubt their strife/
Aiight, I don't let niggas stress my shit/
I call out suckas always tryin to impress a bitch/
No time to entertain a foul faulty hoe/
When she can't run her game she's hella salty yo/
Truth is, some of these niggaz do snitch/
Expect you to be clueless as these dudes switch/
I remove shit, I only have a few in my crew pit/
Niggaz run their mouths and have loose lips/
I use this music to express myself/
Don't hang with muthaphukas that are bad for your health/


These dudes, These dudes are see through
(I am on my grit, I don't care keep talking shit) x 2


from Ain't That The World, released July 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Sir Thomas Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City hip hop talent, Sir Thomas delivers both in the booth and behind the boards on his forthcoming album
The rapper/producer has crafted a solid set of hypnotic cuts, highlighting a melodic delivery matched by witty and philosophical word play. Sir Thomas' unique baritone cadence compliments the relaxed nature of his trap-influenced production.
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